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Here's how it works for tagged posts on Instagram

  1. Make an Instagram post and tag @vonSploof
  2. Send us a DM in Instagram about it

If you tag us on your post and we use it on social media, we will send you a discount code for 50% OFF for the 3-pack replacement filters.

Here's how it works for videos on Instagram

  1. Create a short video.
  2. Email it to hi@vonsploof.com.
  3. If you send us your video and we use it on social media, we will send you a discount code for free 3-pack replacement filters.

  • How to make a video

    You can simply use your smartphone.

    Do it in portrait - taller than wide.

    Use a neutral background that isn't too distracting.

    Face the camera selfie-style. Smile! Try to keep your face in the upper part because sometimes it might be cropped into a square.

  • Use this script

    "Hi. My name is <just first name> and use the vonSlooof. I love it because..."

    Feel free to discuss the unique mouthpiece design or our filters' recyclable!

    Please DON'T use words like vveed, c@nnabis, sm0king, etc. because the social media companies will reject or shadowbann it. You can say "light up" or "relaxing."

    Keep it to about 15-20 seconds or less.

    Make sure the file size is less than 50MB.